Ian Sewell, The Western Australian Fishing Magazine Editor

Recently I got my hands on one of the best books I have ever come across for using sounders. I have read all of the books available watched the videos and everything else. This book however is very well done, the explanations and the sounder screen shots to go with them were extremely useful.

I am no noob at using sounders having been a commercial fisher for many years where using sounders was a critical part of the job. Not to mention spending many years at sea skippering commercial boats of many sizes and descriptions.

I still managed to learn a lot from this book which is not something I can say for most of the other sounder books and videos. The book is oriented towards using a sounder and learning to see what you are looking at. Whether you are an ocean fisher, dam or a river fisher with an interest in learning more about your sounder and getting more from it, then I recommend you check out this book.

Dr Russell Hanley, Marine Scientist

This well written book clearly explains how echo sounders work, and how best to use them to consistently recognise the presence of fish in a variety of settings.
Every aspect of the use of echo sounders for locating fish is discussed with plenty of illustrations showing real examples of what you might see on a screen with detailed notes on how to interpret the image.

Rhyss Whittred, Electronic Sales Manager
Taylor Marine/Furuno Australia
WA, SA & NT.

John Adams - "How to use an echo sounder/fish finder".

There is a whole array of accessories available for our boats these days and without doubt the sounder is top of the list for finding fish and assisting with getting a feed.

John Adams has been providing informative classes on sounders for many years and with his commercial background in fishing along with his passion for recreational fishing has put many an angler at ease with operating their sounder. Going to the next step John has now released his “How to use an echo sounder/fish finder” book, which was a result of the questions that arose from these classes.

After reading John’s book I would thoroughly recommend all boating anglers to do so. You will not just learn how a sounder works but also have a better understanding of what you are actually seeing on the screen and interpret this information to your fishing benefit.

The sounder screen shots make understanding John’s writing a whole lot easier and are also great to look at. For angler’s new to fishing or a seasoned fisherman, this book will serve you well.

Thanks John.

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