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How to Use a Fishfinder

How to use an Echo Sounder / Fish Finder


Sound Advice

Packed full of over 130 images including screen captures, diagrams and full colour photos, this easy to read and understand book will help even the most experienced fisher gain more from their colour echo sounder/fish finder.


By Scott Thomas

FISHO editor Scott Thomas reviews How to Use an Echo Sounder/Fish Finder By John Adams – great book for those looking to educate themselves on fishing technology.

About the Book

This evidence based book explains how colour echo sounders work, how to operate them and how to interpret the information recorded on the display monitor.

About the Author

John Adams comes from a seafaring family where all the men went to sea, serving on merchant ships, deepsea trawlers, or whalers. John lives in Perth, Western Australia, where he manages Fremantle Boat School.

Echo Sounder Courses and Workshops

John runs comprehensive one day echo sounder workshops in Perth, Western Australia and is also available to write articles, give talks and attend seminars, boat shows and fishing clubs or events.


An absolute game changer…You must read this book to really appreciate how easy it actually is to use an echo sounder.

Marco Orifici, Anglers Fishing World, Australia

Whether you are an ocean fisher, dam or a river fisher with an interest in learning more about your sounder and getting more from it, then I recommend you check out this book.

Ian Sewell, WA Fishing Monthly Editor

This well written book clearly explains how echo sounders work, and how best to use them to consistently recognise the presence of fish in a variety of settings

Dr Russell Hanley, Marine Scientist

You will not just learn how a sounder works but also have a better understanding of what you are actually seeing on the screen and interpret this information to your fishing benefit.

Rhyss Whittred, Electronic Sales Manager, Taylor Marine/Furuno Australia

The latest edition is easy to read and contains lots of useful tips and hints on how to get the best results from modern sounder technology…A compulsory user guide for every wheel house.

John Burgess, Executive Officer, ANSA

This book is a must have for anyone serious about their boat fishing.

Tim Carter, Sales and Marketing Manager, Halco Tackle Company

Everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals will benefit from this absolutely comprehensive guide.

Dr Andrew Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, Recfishwest

The only echo sounder book you will ever need.

Peter Golding, Managing Director, The Fishing School (Australia) Pty Ltd