About the Author

How to Use an Echo Sounder/Fish Finder

John Adams comes from a seafaring family where all the men went to sea, serving on merchant ships, deep-sea trawlers, or whalers. John lives in Perth, Western Australia, where he manages Fremantle Boat School.

There are many interesting stories told about John’s family and their experiences at sea in the Atlantic Ocean and the waters surrounding the Antarctic.

One uncle, Cecil Adams, was the skipper of a deep-sea trawler called the Bluff, which sank in the Atlantic. Because he was the sole survivor, his nickname became ‘Bluffy’.

John also survived a similar fate when he was the 2nd skipper on a trawler that capsized and sank during gale force winds in Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, off the West Australian coast.

John has been honoured by having a copy of his book deposited in the International Game Fish Association “E. K. Harry Library and Hall of Fame & Museum Florida USA” www.IGFA.org

You can read John’s interview in The Western Australian Fishing Magazine here or his Q & A for Fish & Boat North Queensland here.

“When I started to develop course notes for my echo sounder/fish finder workshops, I realised that I was starting to write a book and here it is! Don’t lend this book to your mates because you won’t get it back!”

John Adams