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How to use an Echo Sounder / Fish Finder

The book is written with the aim of “keeping it simple” so that it is clear and easy for a range of readers to follow and understand.

The seven major parts are designed to encourage a sequential learning process with each part leading into the next.

The content provides an overview of key topics and also some principles that can be applied to all colour echo sounders.

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  • Just about every fishing boat in the world carries a colour echo sounder.

    Fishers are now able to obtain more information about fish targets and bottom structures than manufacturers ever believed possible. This book explains how these systems work, how to operate them and how to interpret the information recorded on the display monitor. This book is evidence based and does not contain any mysteries or secrets, only facts. How to Use an Echo Sounder/Fish Finder second edition now includes Imaging Sonar and CHIRP.


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